A Yeast Infection is also known as Candida and is an overgrowth of the organisms known as Candida Albacans. You can have a yeast overgrowth throughout your body, but since we are talking about Urinary Health, this will focus more on the overgrowth that might happen in your crouch area, next to a female’s urethra- particularly the vagina. Since the two are so close in the female body, we sometimes get confused as to what we are experiencing? A Urinary Tract Infection or  Yeast Infection?
A Yeast Infection is normally accompanied by a discharge- some suggest it looks a little like cottage cheese. Probably even greater is the distinct smell that accompanies the discharge. Very much like Yeast or fresh bread. Some say it smells like beer. But not all yeast infections have a discharge. So how can you really tell the difference:
Since not everyone gets the discharge, the easiest way for a woman to tell that she has a yeast infection is that she itches in and around her vagina. A lot. The itchiness may be accompanied by a burning sensation, and her vulvar area can be red and swollen. It may also burn or be generally painful for her to urinate, and sex may become painful as well. A good way to distinguish the burning on urination that is due to a yeast infection vs. a urinary tract infection is to pay close attention to exactly when the burning starts and stops. With yeast, the burning is due to acidic urine hitting the irritated skin of the vulva, so the burning starts when the urine reaches the outside. With urinary tract infection, the burning is felt as the urine passes down the tube on its way out.


A Yeast Infection can feel very similar to a Urinary Tract Infection- but they are very different and must be treated differently.



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