Your Immune System and the Urinary Tract

urinary tractIt is impossible to avoid all germs that may enter the Urinary Tract. But there are a few important things that you can do on a daily basis to help keep your Urinary Tract healthy. One of those is, BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM! Boosting your immune system creates a shield or barrier that can attack the germs you come in contact with before they become a problem. 

There are several ways of boosting your immune system, but a few that I have found most powerful are:  

  • Avoid sugar (this is a no brainer!)
  • Take a good vitamin/mineral supplement (my favorite by far is Beyond Tangy Tangerine! You can get it here.)
  • Get excellent nutrition ( *Get ‘green powder’ )
  • *Help your pH balance by eating 80% Alkaline and only 20% Acidic.
  • *Drink plenty of good clean 9.5 pH water.


I spent years trying to find the best vitamin supplement, not even realizing the importance of minerals as well. I also spent years eating so much sugar, that it is hard for me to imagine that I wasn’t sick every day. In the last few years, I’ve also discovered the importance of pH balance and drinking plenty of pH balanced water. The site listed *below can give you tons of information on pH balance and its importance in your diet. I also mention ‘green powder’. Their is a variety of ‘green (vegetable) powder’ out there that you can choose from. The better ones are sold at the local health food store. However my favorite is made by Innerlight and it is called SuperGreens.

urinary tractA word about Beyond Tangy Tangerine, the multi-vitamin, multi-mineral that I have in my list above. This is more than a ‘good’ vitamin/mineral- this is the BEST vitamin mineral! I noticed changes in other areas of my body just days after starting it. Even my eye site is improving! It is really quite amazing and I highly recommend it for a number of reasons: 

  1. It is a liquid form so it is most absorbable  
  2. Plant derived
  3. Highest ORAC score of any other vitamin
  4. Promotes healthy blood sugar levels 


*Find out more about these advanced health ideas at LearnerPark.com 

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