Traveling Can Lead To A Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary Tract InfectionTraveling and Urinary Tract Infection

While driving from Salt Lake City to Phoenix a week ago, then returning on a small plane a few days later, I got a Urinary Tract Infection. How could this be, when I am the queen of UTI NO MORE!? The reason is that I was in a hurry and not willing to make 20 stops between Salt Lake and Phoenix! (maybe I’m exaggerating with the number of stops)  Then add to it a 4 hour trip in a small plane, where going to the bathroom is NOT an option! I knew that this might be a concern, but I kept thinking- “Ah, it won’t happen. I’ll drink a ton of water the day before I begin my trip and again after I arrive in Phoenix. Then do the same on the way home.” 

Well, I have kidneys from heck and a urinary tract that is extremely sensitive. Going 11 hours and water only with my 2 meals on the way down was not a good idea. I started feeling the effects of a UTI while in Phoenix. I grabbed some fresh parsley and drank parsley tea for a few days. I also added some natural antibiotic to my daily vitamins & minerals. The symptoms started subsiding. 

Then I got into that small plane with a bit of a concern for my bladder and looking like an idiot if I had to go to the bathroom mid-air! “Oh, how awful it would be if we were over the Grand Canyon or even the dessert of Utah, and I have to GO!” So no drink for me during the 4 hour trip and also an hour before the trip. So now I’m paying the price of making sure I didn’t have to GO while flying. The full blown Urinary Tract Infection came, just as I thought it might in combination of my travel days of not enough water, sitting in the same position…and oh yes, my jeans are a bit tight. Yeah, I should have worn sweats- but the jeans are so cute! (ok enough rambling)

Point is, I know better and I still did what I shouldn’t have done. Next time, I will take along some parsley and also make sure I’m drinking my water as I should- working out my urinary tract system. So what if I have to make some extra stops. As for as flying though, I think my flying from ‘Phoenix to Salt Lake in a small plane’ days are over (sorry Matt- my son who is a pilot). It was a fun trip, but not worth the UTI!

For more information of what I have found to avoid or get rid of a UTI click: HERE. 

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