Bladder or Urinary Tract Infection Also Known as Cystitis on YouTube

YouTube Talks About Bladder or Urinary Tract Infection Also Known as Cystitis Bladder or Urinary Tract Infections are talked about every where it seems, even YouTube! A video made in the UK actually taken from a talk show host as she interviews two MD’s. One is a Women’s Health Practitioner, the other is a Doctor […]

Can You Get A Urinary Tract Infection From Biking?

Urinary Tract Infection and Mountain Biking If you are physically active in sports and other activities, a urinary tract infection can be a real concern. Tight fitting clothing and or constant irritation on or around the genital area can most definitely create a situation that can lead to a UTI or bladder infection. I found […]

What Is The Urinary Tract?

What is the urinary tract? This is the first and most basic question that must be answered first if one is to understand anything at all about urinary health. A basic overview of the urinary system can be very helpful when you are trying to learn more about what is happening in your body when […]