Bladder or Urinary Tract Infection With a Negative Test Result

Bladder or Urinary Tract Infection Test Negative But Still Have Symptons! Through the years, I have had several people suggest to me that they are still suffering the symptoms of a Bladder or Urinary Tract Infection, but they had lab work done that came back negative. How could this be? If one is suffering with […]

Is This a Good Way to Prevent UTI’s?

Prevent UTI’s In a very interesting article published in NewsMax Health, Dr Suzanne Geerlings, from the Academic Medical Centre at the University of Amsterdam in The Netherlands, claims that according to her findings in a new study, antibiotics were still better to prevent UTI’s that Probiotics.  The study focused on a certain group of women of […]

Is It Dangerous To Keep Treating A UTI With Antibiotics?

As more and more men and women experience re-curring bladder infections, urinary tract infections or UTIs, the question is asked more than ever-Is it dangerous to keep treating a UTI with antibiotics?. And the question is being asked all over the world. According to a recent article published in the Sydney Morning Herald, there is […]

Can You Get A UTI From A Jetted Tub?

Can You Get A UTI From A Jetted Tub? I got a call from my daughter-in-law yesterday asking if I could help her with a rental property she owns that she was trying to get ready for a new renter.  Because the previous tenants decided at the last minute not to clean the apartment and forfeit […]