Should I Use Antibiotics For Urinary Tract Infection?

Should I Use Antibiotics For Urinary Tract Infection?

Should I use antibiotics for urinary tract infection?Because so many women suffer with UTI’s the question gets asked thousands of times a day-Should I use antibiotics for urinary tract infection?. It’s a question that every person has to ask and answer for themselves. And probably the most important thing you can do to answer that question is to get information and knowledge about the risks, the rewards, consequences and alternatives that may exist.

The development of pharmaceutical antibiotics has been a very beneficial development. But as they get overused for things like chronic UTI infections the risks become greater as the bacteria develop resistance to these drugs and they become more dangerous.

A recent article suggested that drugs that were shelved years ago because they were to toxic to the body have been brought out again in an attempt to fight the ‘superbugs’ we are now facing.

Here is a part of the article had to say about antibiotics for urinary tract infection:

Doctors spurned colistin for decades because it damages kidneys. Now the drug is deemed “critically important” and in demand worldwide to thwart the most obstinate infections.

The 53-year-old medicine is back in favor as resistance to antibiotics escalates and doctors run out of weapons to fight conditions ranging from urinary tract infections to pneumonia.

“Drugs that we previously discarded because their toxicity was too high now don’t look so bad if the alternative is death,” said Lindsay Grayson, editor in chief of the sixth edition of the medical text “Kucers’ The Use of Antibiotics.”

The generation of antibiotics that led to colistin’s early demise is losing potency because of the global spread of multidrug-resistant bacteria, often called superbugs. A growing number of infections don’t respond to a class of last-resort medicines called carbapenems, and the World Health Organization says there is a dearth of new treatments in development.

It gets even scarier:

Discovered in the 1940s, colistin fell out of favor with doctors after about 15 years of use amid concerns about kidney damage when alternatives became widely available…

“There are some physicians who probably wouldn’t touch the polymyxins with a barge pole because they’re concerned about potential toxicity,” Nation said. “The important thing is that the kidney impairment is usually relatively mild and almost always reversible, and that colistin has the potential to cure an otherwise fatal infection.”

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Ultimately, you have to decide what risks you are willing to take.

There are other ways to take care of a UTI or bladder infection rather than using pharmaceutical antibiotics for Urinary Tract Infection. There are several good natural remedies available you can review that are the best home remedies for UTI that I’ve found.

Let us know what you think. It’s important that we all help each other find the best solutions we can.

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