Is This a Good Way to Prevent UTI’s?

Prevent UTI’s

In a very interesting article published in NewsMax Health, Dr Suzanne Geerlings, from the Academic Medical Centre at the University of Amsterdam in The Netherlands, claims that according to her findings in a new study, antibiotics were still better to prevent UTI’s that Probiotics.  The study focused on a certain group of women of a certain age only.  And by the time several in the study opted out, they were left with a sample size less than desired. 

Prevent UTI'sWith all of the bacterial resistance that is developing around the world, it is a strange conclusion to me that someone is considering using antibiotics to prevent UTI’s in the first place. Just because it seems to work now, doesn’t mean it’s better than another protocol that would not normally be used for the same purpose either.  The article even mentioned the resistance issue and didn’t address it as much it should have.

The reasoning behind the decision to use antibiotics as a way to prevent UTI’s was because the women supposedly had exhausted all other means of controlling the re-curring situation.

Hopefully, some of those women will be able to read some really good information on this site. Western medicine is not always the best choice to treat chronic situations. Our bodies are amazingly able to correct themselves when given the right information and materials.  Probiotics, as opposed to Antibiotics, are a support to the ‘healthy flora’ in our body. And yes, it is necessary to have the right balance of healthy bugs. When we don’t, as what happens when we overuse pharmaceutical antibiotics, a whole list of side effects are very real possibilities.

You can read more about this study in an article that outlines information sent to NewsMax from Dr. Geerlings.  Go here to read more about now:

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