Is It Dangerous To Keep Treating A UTI With Antibiotics?

As more and more men and women experience re-curring bladder infections, urinary tract infections or UTIs, the question is asked more than ever-Is it dangerous to keep treating a UTI with antibiotics?. And the question is being asked all over the world. According to a recent article published in the Sydney Morning Herald, there is great concern in Australia about the spread of superbugs outside of hospitals and at large in the community.

Is It Dangerous To Keep Treating a UTI with Antibiotics?

Is It Dangerous To Keep Treating A UTI With Antibiotics

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Dangerous superbugs that previously had been found only in hospitals are starting to spread throughout the community, putting lives at risk.

E. coli is a common bacteria found in humans, dogs, cats and other mammals. It can cause urinary tract and post-operative wound infections and is often the cause of severe blood poisoning.

“These strands of E. coli are carrying a form of resistance which we never wanted to see in the community, and that is resistance to our hospital drugs,” Professor Turnidge said.

“We have gone from virtually none of these kinds of resistance in the year 2000 to now, where it’s commonplace.”

The superbugs are a particular threat because they require expensive hospital treatment and the use of last-line antibiotics, which need to be used sparingly to ensure the bugs do not develop resistance to them.

”The more we use them, the more resistance we are going to see,” Professor Turnidge said. ”It’s kind of a vicious circle.”

You will find on this site many more articles about this very subject. The adaptation of bacteria to the manufactured drugs that are being used to fight them is a very serious concern. While antibiotics have played a major role in the treatment of infection over the last century, the over-prescription of these drugs is creating a new problem that we may not be able to control. As you continue to ask the question, Is it dangerous to keep treating a UTI with Antibiotics, you should know there are natural antibiotics available that don’t seem to have this effect and don’t kill the beneficial bacteria in our systems. Check out the natural healing and treatment sections to learn more.

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