Are There Any Good Home Remedies for UTI

On a website I ran across recently, several people ‘asked the doctor’ if there were any good home remedies for UTI?  Every answer was of course no, with the solution always involving a round of pharmaceutical antibiotics and over the counter medication to control the pain until you could get to the clinic. I’m always […]

Should I Use Antibiotics For Urinary Tract Infection?

Should I Use Antibiotics For Urinary Tract Infection? Because so many women suffer with UTI’s the question gets asked thousands of times a day-Should I use antibiotics for urinary tract infection?. It’s a question that every person has to ask and answer for themselves. And probably the most important thing you can do to answer […]

What To Do For A Urinary Tract Infection

What To Do For A Urinary Tract Infection If you are feeling the pain and pressure of a UTI, the number one question on your mind is “What to do for a urinary tract infection?” If it’s your first one, or even if you’ve had several, you may not have a satisfactory answer to this […]

Home Remedies for UTI?

Home Remedies for UTI When I was suffering with one bladder infection after another, I was very frustrated and decided there had to be better home remedies for UTI than what I was getting over and over again from the doctor. What I found was a lot of information that was not necessarily useful.  Some […]

Is This a Good Way to Prevent UTI’s?

Prevent UTI’s In a very interesting article published in NewsMax Health, Dr Suzanne Geerlings, from the Academic Medical Centre at the University of Amsterdam in The Netherlands, claims that according to her findings in a new study, antibiotics were still better to prevent UTI’s that Probiotics.  The study focused on a certain group of women of […]