Can Antibiotics Cause Yeast Infections?

Because UTI’s or Bladder Infections are so common and because so many people get them over and over again, a secondary concern is:- Can Antibiotics Cause Yeast Infections? While modern antibiotics have done some wonderful things, it is widely known that they can also destroy the ‘good’ bugs along with the bad. And because your […]

Popular Antibiotic No Longer Effective To Treat Chronic Bladder Infections

E.Coli, the main bacteria responsible for most chronic bladder infections, continues to develop resistance to  manufactured antibiotics.  So much so, that the most popular drug used to treat such re-curring UTI’s, Ciprofloxacin, is considered no longer safe for outpatient treatment. This is the conclusion of a study done as reported at George Washington University and […]

Is It Dangerous To Keep Treating A UTI With Antibiotics?

As more and more men and women experience re-curring bladder infections, urinary tract infections or UTIs, the question is asked more than ever-Is it dangerous to keep treating a UTI with antibiotics?. And the question is being asked all over the world. According to a recent article published in the Sydney Morning Herald, there is […]