Can You Get A UTI From A Jetted Tub?

Can You Get A UTI From A Jetted Tub?

Jetted Tubs should be cleaned regularly.

I got a call from my daughter-in-law yesterday asking if I could help her with a rental property she owns that she was trying to get ready for a new renter.  Because the previous tenants decided at the last minute not to clean the apartment and forfeit their cleaning deposit, she couldn’t get a professional company to do it on short notice. And because she lives in Phoenix and the property is in Utah, I said I would help. How hard could it be?  It was only an 800 square foot apartment.

OK, it was bad, but the worst part was the jetted tub! I seriously don’t think the tenants had cleaned it since they had moved in 3 years ago. It was fitting that I was cleaning it the day after Halloween because the orange glow from the areas around the jets- reminded me of the night before..(OK, so they weren’t glowing, but you get the picture). As I started cleaning the tub, I wondered how many UTI’s the previous tenants must have had. There is just no way one could be bathing in that much bacteria and not have a UTI!

 The new tenant stopped in as I was halfway through cleaning the tub and remarked how great it was looking. She also asked me if I knew how to work the jetted tub and if there was anything else she needed to know about it. I told her the importance of washing out your tub at least weekly (obvious), but, most important was filling your jetted tub once a month to about 2 inches above the jets and adding 2 cups of bleach to the water- then running the jets for 20 minutes. Wallah- magic…any orange starting to build up, gone. Also any bacteria- gone! …and no UTI’s.

 She was shocked and said, “really? oh my gosh, I think that is why I had a UTI last month! I have used my mom’s jetted tub while living with her recently. I’ll bet she has not cleaned the jets!”

 If you or anyone you know suffers with UTI’s – yes, you can get a UTI from the bacteria in your tub, jetted or not. Be sure to clean it out as suggested above on a regular basis, and eliminate one more way of getting a UTI!