Bladder Infection from Toilet Paper

Bladder Infection from Toilet Paper?

Can you really get a Bladder Infection from Toilet Paper?  My friend did, and kept getting them…until she started really thinking about what had changed in her life. Here is her story: She got married and moved from mom and dad’s home. She loved the little bear commercials (you know which one) and always asked her mom, ‘why can’t we get that toilet paper’. Her mom would always reply that it would clog up the toilet. With her new found freedom of running her own home, she saved her coupons and brought the little bear’s toilet paper home with her.

Over the next year, she visited the doctor at least 5 times for antibiotics to rid of herself of the bladder infections she was now being plagued with. As a newlywed, the doctor assumed that the bladder infections had something to do with sexual contact. Her doctor went over the steps of precaution regarding sexual relations. My friend and her husband followed them to the tee! Yet, the bladder infections continued. Her doctor was sure that they simply were not following her directions.

After so many visits, and almost continuous antibiotic usage, she and her husband had simply had enough. Her doctor suggested that she see a urologist. The urologist did several test for a thorough coverage of possibilities. Nothing proved helpful as to a reason for the constant infections. She started listing logical possibilities and started thinking more out of the normal box. What had changed in her life? Newlywed, the stress that comes in that first year of marriage, her diet?, sex (which she and her husband had already focused on and ruled out), lack of water…Nothing seemed to be the answer as she tried to correct each possibility.

Then, while visiting her mom’s home and a little trip to the John…it hit her. Could it possibly be the toilet paper? Can you get a bladder infection from toilet paper? No, how could it be? But what the heck, she had tried everything else. So she grabbed some of her mom’s basic non-soft toilet paper and started using the old stand by. Whalla- no more infections.

Obviously, there was something in the toilet paper that was irritating her and causing a bladder infectionBladder Infection from toilet paper. She gave it up and hasn’t looked back.

In the late 70’s colored toilet paper was the rage. You could match your decor to your toilet paper color! How awesome is that? NOT…it took only a few years for health professionals to become concerned about the dye in the toilet paper. Thank goodness! So if you are having trouble with constant bladder infections…you might check ye old TP…who knows there might just be something in it that is causing the problem.

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