Bladder Infection from Laundry Soap?

Can you get a Bladder Infection from Laundry Soap?

Bladder Infection from Laundry Soap?Yes, I believe you CAN get a Bladder Infection from Laundry Soap, or at least the perfumes that are added to the soap! Let me tell you what happened to me.

Many of my readers know that I travel to my son & daughter-in-law’s home in Phoenix quite a bit so I can see my grand-kids! I noticed every time I went, I would come home with a bladder infection – not always a raging infection, but an infection none the less. I am sure that part of the issue was that in the traveling, I would not drink enough water like I know I should. I’ve even written other articles about this problem. But after this last trip, I am wondering if it was the catalyst?

On my last trip, my daughter in law had purchased the same laundry soap that she normally uses, but she got a different ‘flavor’ scent. I LOVED it! It made my clothes smell so good! Even though I had used the same brand while I was there on other trips, I had not paid much attention, until the new scent.  So after I came home, I purchased the same brand with the wonderful scent! I still had some detergent so I proceeded to finish that box before opening the new brand. 

Just like with my other trips to Phoenix, I started noticing the pain while I was there, again thinking that it mainly came from not drinking enough water. I started my natural remedy as I always use to rid myself of the infection and continued it for a few days even after returning home. My bladder infection went away.  A couple weeks later, I finally used up my normal laundry detergent. I excitedly opened the new brand with the wonderful scent and started using it.

A couple days later, I had another Bladder Infection! I was so frustrated and bothered. Why did I have this infection again? I went through my mental check list making sure that I had been drinking enough water, I hadn’t been soaking in bubble baths,  my pants weren’t too tight…and the typical checklist that you normally go through with a doctor. Nothing made sense. I went through my natural remedy again, except this time hit it harder. After a couple days, I was feeling a little better, only to reverse a few days later.

After a lot of back and forth and checklist, I realized the only thing that I had done different was changed my laundry soap. You do realize that even though you wash your clothes, there is still soap residue left…along with perfume residue. I know that I have to be very careful washing the urethra area with certain soaps, or it will get irritated and I end up with an infection. That was something I discovered years ago! 

I gave away the new laundry soap with its fantastic smell, and whalla – with the help of my natural remedy and regimen, the infection went away, and hasn’t been back! I don’t want to mention which laundry soap it was…as it might not bother some folks. But for me, it was bad stuff.

So can you get a bladder infection from laundry soap?  Well, I am pretty sure I did!

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