Popular Antibiotic No Longer Effective To Treat Chronic Bladder Infections

Chronic Bladder Infections

Now What? Popular Drug No Longer Effective For Chronic Bladder Infections

E.Coli, the main bacteria responsible for most chronic bladder infections, continues to develop resistance to  manufactured antibiotics.  So much so, that the most popular drug used to treat such re-curring UTI’s, Ciprofloxacin, is considered no longer safe for outpatient treatment. This is the conclusion of a study done as reported at George Washington University and Providence Hospital. An excerpt from the article is as follows and was reported in the April edition of the Anitmicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy Journal:

Ciprofloxacin No Longer Effective to Treat Chronic Bladder Infections

In a surveillance study of over 12 million bacteria, investigators at The George Washington University and Providence Hospital found E. coli antimicrobial resistance to ciprofloxacin, the most commonly prescribed antimicrobial for urinary tract infections in the U.S., increased over five-fold from 2000 to 2010…. 

“Our study is important because it shows that E. coli resistance to two common drugs to treat UTIs rose substantially over the last decade. For patients, this will ultimately translate into more expensive and sometimes more complex antimicrobial treatments. What is more concerning however, is the lack of new antimicrobial drug development which has been declining for decades,” said Guillermo Sanchez, a graduate student in the Physician Assistant program at the George Washington University and primary author of the study.

… E. coli antimicrobial resistance is a major factor in determining health outcomes in patients with UTIs. E. coli antimicrobial resistance has been associated with lower likelihood of clinical cure and increased risk of infection recurrence. Additionally, antimicrobial resistance significantly increases patient morbidity, costs of treatment, and rates of hospitalization.

As antimicrobial resistance continues to increase, remaining antimicrobial drug options have a higher likelihood of causing unwanted side effects such as gastrointestinal distress, nausea, and vomiting. Due to a lack of drug development, the paucity of new antimicrobial drugs for common infections like UTIs will continue to worsen in the near future.

“Our study reveals that ciprofloxacin and TMP-SMX are not longer safe for outpatient urinary tract infection (UTI).


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