Does Cranberry Juice Help Get Rid of a UTI?

Does Cranberry Juice Help Get Rid of A UTI?

Cranberries grown and harvested in Massachusetts. Photo by Cjboffoli

A recent article from Washington University in St Louis written by Caroline Arbanas, touched on the topic of this post-Does cranberry juice help get rid of a UTI- when several researchers were awarded grants to study areas of their specific research. One grant was to Jim Janetka, PhD, research assistant professor of biochemistry and molecular biophysics. The article described Dr. Janetka’s work as follows:


Does Cranberry Juice Help Get Rid of a UTI?

Recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs) are a common problem for many women. They are typically treated with antibiotics, which are not always effective, and the bacteria that cause UTIs can rapidly develop resistance to antibiotics.

As an alternative, Janetka has designed a new group of drugs called mannosides, derived from the natural sugar mannose which don’t kill the bacteria like antibiotics but prevent bacteria from binding to and entering the bladder cells where UTIs occur.

Excess sugars are usually directed to the kidney and bladder, where they are eliminated in the urine, and mannosides are excreted in the same way, making them ideal for treating and preventing chronic UTIs.

Cranberry’s contain the sugar D-Mannose, which you may have heard about. As was stated above, the D-Mannose is what helps prevent bacteria from sticking to surfaces in the bladder and urethra, allowing the bacteria to be more easily flushed from the body. This is why you may have been told to drink cranberry juice when you have a UTI or urinary tract infection. Drinking sweetened cranberry juice however, gives your body too much extra sugar to deal with which isn’t good when you are fighting an infection. Can you get enough D-Mannose from unsweetened cranberry juice?  That’s a good question. But you can also buy cranberry tablets, that have a concentration of the active ingredient that are probably much more helpful. 

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